Author Topic: Two tank (heated tanks) solutions might be the answer  (Read 911 times)


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Two tank (heated tanks) solutions might be the answer
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:13:35 PM »
Hopefully not overstepping my bounds to insert the topic when i've pondered it openly in other topics and am hardly an expert, but i'm becoming convinced that if a person is in really cold environments, a two tank solution might be the way to go.

Waste veggie oil people use heated fuels all the time as it's one of the only ways to thin out the fuel at ALL, even summer temperatures are nowhere near warm enough.  But i'm thinking that so many of the problems of all other waste oil blends might also be solved by going to a two tank, heated tank solution of some sort.  Having the ability to start up and shut down on conventional diesel would solve many of the startup hassles, reduce filter clogging from waxing, get the engine to warm temperatures (as deposits onto cold engines seem to be more... vicious... with certain waste oils), and reduce the amount of blending you HAVE to do by warming up the fuel tanks and getting the fuel closer to a normalized summer temperature since I assume the waste oils are cheaper than the solvents usually.  Also means less predicting how cold the weather will get during the next tankload of fuel.

My own solution is going to also add electric heating blankets around the diesel startup tanks and lines since where I am can drop all the way down to -40 or worse in the winter.  I'm even considering actually powering that off a small portable generator if i'm forced to park the car for hours in the extreme cold out of range of a power plug.  The last thing I need is a "will not start" even on normal diesel during a blizzard!

Those who know better or with contrary opinions please chime in because i'm no expert from experience here, its just my thinking...  is there any reason for a one tank system other than perceived simplicity and less cost/modification required to get started?  It would seem to be the answer to all the gelling, rough running and other problems...  so i'd suggest leaving the topic up as a general awareness program even if someone writes things better than me.  Maybe every "what blend do I try next" question should start with "is this still easier than going to a two tank solution?"  :)
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